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360bc.ca provides high quality interactive 360°x180° Virtual Tours throughout Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. Virtual Tours are ideal for the Real Estate market and Architectural showcasing when pictures alone are not enough. If a picture is worth a thousand words then a Virtual Tour is worth many more.

What is a Virtual Tour?

A virtual tour is a series of panoramic photos presented in a viewer/player that allows movement from one view to the next. The viewer/player allows the user to look all around (360°) and up an down (180°).

What is a Panoramic Photo?

A panoramic photo (or more specifically a spherical panorama) is a series of photos taken about a point of rotation that when stitched together form a complete 360°x180° view. This panoramic image itself is quite distorted when flat and requires a viewer/player to "un-distort" the image for proper viewing.

What is a Viewer/Player?

The viewer/player can be described as software that un-distorts the panoramic images and provides interactivity within the image (i.e. looking around and moving from one view to another).

360bc.ca Virtual Tours utilize the Adobe Flash Player which is installed on the majority of computers today (99% - more info here). This means that the majority of users will have nothing to download/install before they can enjoy the Virtual Tour.

An Immersive Experience

A Virtual Tour should give you the feeling of standing in the space photographed. Click on the samples below to experience it for yourself.

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